Saturday, December 4, 2010


Here's a little drawing I made:

It's not really the greatest drawing ever but I think it's quite nice, and this is in fact the nude version of a picture I saw a while back on Sometimes I come across some pictures that I like, then you see me drawing the nude version of them, it's a lot of fun, like if you was drawing the nude version of your favorite characters when it comes to anime and/or cartoons. God, I'm so gay! But anyway... here's another drawing I want to share:

That's one I made to practice a bit with realism, a style I hardly use when drawing since I'm more into cartoons. Here I'm sharing the lineart and the colored version, but I'm not showing the finished work b'cause I want to fix a few details first. As soon as I'm done doing that I will let you all see the final image.

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